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Paraplegic Sporting Event

Intelligence and skills can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.

John F. Kennedy

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What We Are Learning

Students are expected to wear tennis shoes on PE Days! 
Safety, hard work, and respect are important and are worked on everyday in PE.

Image by Stefano Zocca

Ultimate Frisbee

Fall 2022

Students learned and practiced the skill of throwing and catching a frisbee.  This led up to students being split in teams and playing Ultimate Frisbee games.  

Ultimate Frisbee Champions

6th Grade

Cesaroni - Scoreboards

Poeppelman - Womtermelons

Stephens - Team Champ

5th Grade

Moeller - The Birdies

Timmerman - The Destroyers

Steinke - Hey Dudes

4th Grade

Gilberg - Acorns

Keller - Bananas

Lange - Bengals 

3rd Grade

Rush - Gummy Bears

Perryman - Team Muscles

Bertke - Cardinal Express

Flag Football Players

Flag Football

Fall 2022

Next unit that we participated in was flag football.  K-6 Classes learned skills or throwing and catching.  Concepts of pulling flags and playing defense were taught.  K-2 classes played eraser football that helped teach the concept of scoring in another teams endzone.  3-6 classes ended with the Flag Football Championship.  

Flag Football Champions

6th Grade

Cesaroni - Tom & The Scoreboards

Poeppelman - Womterlemons

Stephens - The Griddy

5th Grade

Moeller - Fluffy Shreks

Timmerman - Dawg Pound

Steinke - Destoyers and Turtle Tag (Tie)

4th Grade

Gilberg - NB Gummy Worms

Keller - Ghosts

Lange - Triggers

3rd Grade

Rush - Cookies Pizza

Perryman - Team Bobby and McFlurries (Tie)

Bertke - Party Team and The Speedies (Tie)

Summer Fun

Field Day 2023

TBD - May 2023

Field Day wraps up the school year in May.  It is a couple days of enjoyment and hard work for the kids.  Parents and volunteers will be needed at that time.  More info to come!

Feel free to get in touch with questions.

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